Useful Information


We are very pleased that you have chosen to stay with us. The following information is provided to hopefully ensure you have an enjoyable stay and make the most of your time with us. We hope you enjoy your stay in our little corner of Lincoln’s West End and make the most of our fantastic City!

The Flat

The flat obviously has its own dedicated access and any access to the restaurant if required should be via the main restaurant door. The door across the downstairs corridor will remain locked during your stay. If you need to get hold of us during your stay you can contact us on the numbers above. Towels and bedding are provided.


Free WiFi is available and the log in details can be found on the Virgin Hub in the living room.


TV channels are provided through virgin media box.  There is also a DVD player and a selection of DVD’s available.

Heating and Hot Water

Hot Water should be available 24hrs a day. The heating can be controlled via the thermostat on the landing. The +/- buttons will simply turn the heating up or down in accordance with the temperature you set. The timer is located within the restaurant so we can either leave the heating on constant and you can control via the thermostat or we can set the timer up if you text us the on and off times required.


The instructions for the following appliances can be found later in this folder; dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, Fridge Freezer, cooker, toaster, microwave, DAB radio and kettle. Please let us know if there are any issues with any of the appliances.

The cupboards should be stocked with everything that you need but should something be missing or required please let us know. Please ensure anything that is used during your stay is cleaned properly and returned to the cupboard / draw that it came from.

Fuse Board

The fuse board is located in the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs.


The Flat is provided with 2nr visitor parking permits. The surrounding streets are all covered by the residential parking scheme. Please display the visitor permit on your dashboard to avoid receiving a ticket.

Please Note; If you are displaying a visitor permit you are not entitled to park in the 2hr zones. If you do park in these please remove your permit and obviously move your car within the timeframes.

The Visitor Parking passes are to be returned and left in the flat before you leave. If these are taken when you leave they will need to be returned via the post at your earliest opportunity. If they are taken and not returned you will have to pay for any replacement costs.

Fire Procedures

In the event of a fire upstairs please exit the flat by the safest means possible, via the front door or a window if this exit is blocked. The flat is fitted with smoke alarms on both the ground and first floor.


Please let us know about any breakages that occur during your stay. If something breaks that needs replacing straight away contact us and we will sort this out. If breakages or damage does occur we would appreciate a note to be left and money to replace / repair the item. This will hopefully save us having to contact you to pursue the cost for any damages.


There are two bins in the kitchen. Silver for rubbish and green for recycling. If these bins get full please place the full bin bags just inside the wall outside the front door and let us know so we can collect these. Further bin bags are found under the sink.

Day of Leaving

  • You are required to leave the flat by 11pm on the last day of your stay. This allows us time to prepare and check the accommodation prior to the next guests arriving. In order to try and assist us with this can you please ensure that;
  • Any bedding that has been used is stripped and placed on the landing.
  • Any Towels that have been used should also be placed on the landing.
  • All items in the kitchen have been cleaned and return to the correct draw / cupboard or any dirty items have been placed in the dishwasher and it has been turned on.
  • Remove any rubbish from the bins in the rooms and place in the kitchen bin. If these bins are full please place the full bags just inside the wall outside the front door. If the bins are full during your stay again please place outside as above and text us to let us know. We will then remove these to our bins.
  • Any furniture that has been moved is returned to the position it was in when you arrived.
  • The Visitor Parking passes are returned to the flat. If these are taken when you leave they will need to be returned via the post at your earliest opportunity. If they are taken and not returned you will have to pay for any replacement costs.

Important Information

As the accommodation is above the restaurant there may be some noise during its opening hours but these are limited to Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm. Customers have usually left us by 11.30pm at the latest. There may also be some noise during these days whilst prep is taking place but this would be minimal. If you have any concerns about this please call to discuss prior to booking.


There are some games (cupboard near dining room table), DVD’s and books for you to enjoy during your stay please look after these and replace when finished with.

Useful Contact Numbers

If you need to contact us prior to or during your stay you can do so on the following numbers;

The Restaurant: 01522 545577 – Karl will usually be here on Thursday and Friday daytime and Friday and Saturday evenings.

  • Karl: 07774 251196
  • Annemarie: 07986 806731