Lincoln Tapas 1

Specials – A selection of these will be available each week

Cantabrian Estophade (GF)

beef in a rich sauce with bacon and hints of cinnamon, pimienton and oranges

Fabada Asturianas (GF)

traditional sausage and white bean stew with cured meats

Pinchos de mariscos (GF)

seafood skewers of king prawn, white fish and salmon, marinated in lemon and served with alioli

Mejillones con cebolla y pimiento rojo

mussels with onion, red pepper, bacon and tomato, topped with breadcrumbs and baked

Puerros con Queso(V, GF)

oven baked leeks topped with cheese 

Lincolnshire Albondigas

Lincolnshire Sausage meat balls with a Spanish honey dipping sauce

Pimientos paella(V, GF)

red peppers stuffed with a tasty paella

Olla Gitana (V)

gypsy stew with beans, spinach, pears and butternut squash

Alcachofas y niscalos picantes (V, GF)

spicy artichokes and mushrooms (served warm)

Higadito y jerez (GF)

chicken livers pan fried with a sherry sauce

Pinchitos Pollo (GF)

mini skewers of marinated chicken

Langostino con lima (GF)

pan fried king prawns with tangy lime

 Berenjenas rellenas (GF)

aubergine stuffed with aromatic lamb (topped with cheese optional)


vegetable stuffing with pine nuts (V)

Vieras al horno

baked scallops topped with breadcrumbs served with a courgette salad

 Padron Peppers (V, GF)

small Spanish peppers, 1 in 10 is fiery!!

 Higado de cordero con bacon (GF)

lambs liver and bacon skewers

Patatas envuelta en pancetta (GF)

new potatoes wrapped in pancetta 

Ensalada de pimientos (V, GF)

three colour pepper salad with olives, capers and cornichons

Higado en su jugo (GF)

strips of lambs liver pan fried in a red wine sauce

 Ensaladilla (V, GF)

new potatoes, red onion and peas in a garlic, lemon, chilli and oil dressing


classic Spanish squid deep fried with crunchy flour and breadcrumb batter

 Salmon con salsa de pimiento rojo (GF)

salmon with red pepper sauce

 Croquetas de Salmon

salmon and white fish croquettes served with courgette salad 

Pollo del ajo (GF)

Strips of Chicken breast pan fried with garlic

Esparragos Blanco con Jamon (GF)

white asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham served with tomato and garlic salsa

Chuletas del cordero con salsa mojo ( GF)

Lamb cutlets with a mojo sauce

Ternera con Tomate (GF)

tender beef and tomato stew

 Esparragos Blanco con dos salsas (V, GF)

white asparagus with vinaigrette and tomato and garlic salsa

Judias verdes con almendras (V, GF)

green beans pan fried with garlic, pimienton and almonds

 Mejillas de cerdo envuelven en jamon (GF)

pork cheeks braised in ciderand white wine with red onions and apples then wrapped in serrano ham & oven baked

Pescado en salsa de limon(GF)

baked cod with a lemon & white wine sauce

Espinacas con garbanzos (V, GF)

spinach and chickpea stew, cooked with a little onion, garlic, tomato & Chilli

Gambas pil pil (GF)

pan fried king prawns with garlic & chilli

 Piquillos rellenos de queso de cabra  (V,GF)              

warmed piquillo (sweet red) peppers stuffed with goats cheese, pine nuts and herbs 

Pisto (V, GF) 

Onion, peppers, aubergine and courgette in a tomato sauce

Chorizo envuelto en pancetta (GF)

Our version of ‘pigs in blankets’! bite size chorizos wrapped in pancetta served with wholegrain mustard alioli dip

Lombarda a la madrilena (V, GF)

red cabbage with apples, raisins, pine nuts and Christmas spices