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Lincoln Tapas 1

Tapar – To ‘cover’ or ‘lid’

Many traditions surround the world of Tapas…..did a King of Spain suffer if he didn’t eat when he was drinking? Or was it simply a way to stop the flies from getting in your wine?

Today Tapas are most commonly small tasters of food served with your drink…and you can have as many as you like. When combined over an evening they can make a fulfilling and tasty meal.

We’ve taken authentic Spanish recipes and added a few Lincolnshire ingredients along the way… So, we invite you to try something new, take your time, enjoy a drink and relax with us here at – The Bowl Full Tapas Bar!!

Para Picar (Nibbles)

Pan Fresco (V)                         £2.50

selection of homemade breads

 Alioli (V, GF)                         £1.00

garlic mayonnaise

Oil & Balsamic (V, GF)           £1.00


Aceitunas Mixtas (V, GF)       £2.95

black and green olives marinated in olive oil with lemons or garlic and herbs

Gauchitos (GF)                       £2.25

manzanilla olives stuffed with gherkins

 Selection of the above olives     £3.50

 Aceitunas Anchoa (GF)          £2.25

manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies

 Altramuces (V, GF)                 £1.50

lupin beans, a traditional bar snack that’s low in fat and rich in fibre

Fried Corn (V, GF)                  £1.50

dangerously moreish, crispy fried and salted corn kernels

Pipas (V, GF)                          £1.25

sunflower seeds in their shells (don’t eat the shells!)

Banderillas (V, GF)                £2.50

mini skewers of pickled gherkin, olives and chilli

Guindillas (V, GF)                 £2.25

pickled chillies with a crunchy texture and potent kick

Boquerones (GF)                     £3.50

fresh anchovy fillets in oil

Platos Para Compartir (Sharing Platters)

Pica Pica £8.95
Karl’s choice – a selection of nibbly bits for you to try

Carne – meat £10.95
Selection of Spanish and Lincolnshire meats served with pickles

Queso – cheese £10.95
Selection of Spanish and Lincolnshire cheeses served with pickles

Why not try a combination of all three platters, including a basket of bread

  • For 2 people £13.95
  • For 4 people £19.95
  • For 6 people £24.95

Tapas – Regulars on the Menu

Patatas Bravas (V, GF) £4.25
ried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce

Tortilla Espanola (V, GF) £3.95
ur version is oven baked with cheese and onion served chilled

Champinones de Ajo (V, GF) £4.25
auted garlic mushrooms

Chorizo (GF) £5.25
Fresh spicy chorizo pan fried in olive oil

Garbanzo & Chorizo Stew £4.95
(GF) chickpeas and chorizo in a rich tomato sauce with pimienton

Puerros con Queso (V, GF) £4.50  oven baked leeks topped with cheese

Lincolnshire Albondigas £5.95  Lincolnshire sausage meat balls with a Spanish honey dipping sauce

Postres – Desserts

Crema Catalana (V, GF) £4.50

Catalan cream, (a Spanish crème brulee)

Bizcocho de Chocolate (V) £3.95
Chocolate sponge served with orange cream

Soplillos (V, GF) £3.95
Almond meringues served with whipped cream

Café – Hot Drinks

Americano £1.80

Cappuccino £2.00

Latte £2.25

Espresso £1.75

Pot of Tea £2.00

Hot Choc £2.50

Refrescos – Soft Drinks

Coca Cola/Diet Coke £1.95

Lemonade £1.95

Ginger Beer £2.25

Apple/Orange Juice £1.95

Bottled Water 

330ml £1.95

1l £3.50